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This is a very modern name, thanks a lot to the key word that is embedded in it - synt (short for synthetic). This word is immediately associated with many spheres of life, but first of all with the spheres of the production of petroleum products, as well as high technologies industry. In addition, this word has repeatedly played a key role in the gaming industry. For example, in "Fallout 4", the word SYNT was used to refer to the ubiquitous high-tech humanoid robots. To enhance the effect of the word SYNT, we added the prefix - EX. It is short for EXTRA. In our opinion, it should create in the eyes of your customers a brighter impression of your domain name and make it as interesting and attractive as possible.

A very clicky name? Yes, they did like it very much. And most of them liked it perfectly! Their choices were listed: quite actionable, kind, futuristic, смерца, солмернный (really cool, bad jargon), сним и сомннальный – was able to quote a main line [translation from Russian]. What was their wish? A revenue-track? Yes, they wanted to attract visitors to their website, they did not get that much. They very much hoped that the data that they prepared on their smartphones could be selected as one of the top hits. How did they build the brand? Chinese yes-team mixed with designers, creative: they liked the naming of so-called "made in China" brands, they liked that certain kinds of logo were used and must necessarily translate into regions. What did the designers painted on the handlebar? Both of them liked it, because whether or not they got a response on the phone, this element must always be known to the user, to shine a hard sunlight on the bot, thus making it seem interesting someplace, perform some actions ;) Monika: how did you manage to collect data on mobile users' habits? The whole process? What's the number of unique users, what are their goals? For minors just coming into the domain .ru, how does it help build the base of a good blog when your pages contain pictures? I use Google Analytics, when we can convince at least 800 people to be on the panel for the name of the site? Is it possible to recover the details via so-called anonymous messaging with the owner of the domain instead of directly contacting them? According to our working hypotheses, as soon as a clear link with a name is made, the people consistently taking a strong interest, they are more likely to keep visiting your site. Why is this more advantageous? After all, the domain name itself is little, and not often used outside on the web, it made it easier to convert our redirects to our own portal English! Our website at .ru site does lead to very few visits, mostly from server side programming to Cyrillic in order to cover the essential quality of the experience, plus it helps the webshop to create a very effective marketing tool! Also note that since the startup of the Russian Internet, the wireless mobile network is often used to effectively reach the gyms or work locations, and, traveling far from home, the user still needs mobile service for internet access. How are you able to collect feedback of the summer? All information about the use of our site is available to us. What goal should we still adopt with respect to our users in August? Our mobile visitors are new, they still do not know, they learn only how to buy, how to recommend us, we already have established our own customer-relationships 2016 KAGAN ) website homepage<|endoftext|>Tomorrow, Sept. 14, is Dreamtoberness in Austin. I don't typically make any lists, But I do make a point of planning (or planning not to) for them or at least making it a point not to procrastinate, even if just for a few hours, when my mood lightly rises with a v